marți, 10 decembrie 2013


Because behind every smile, there is a hidden emotion, being it fear, joy, or love.

With every step you take, life guides you through it's maze by pushing you hidden signs... the ones that will take you to the end, or to... the beginning.
But the good thing in all this struggle is that, every end takes you to a new beginning.

Smile. Choose your sign, follow your dreams.

duminică, 1 decembrie 2013

Next stop? Winter.

La multi ani Romania, La multi ani Bucuresti! :))
Yeah, first of December is here, first of last is here, the last of this first...
Wondering why? I'm not, I'm just... looking forward.
It feels like it was yesterday, even more than a year passed since then...
Who said that history is stuck on repeat was right, but... there are those little things that make the difference... that sweet nothing...
Okay, so how do you make the little child, that little child smile, make him happy?
Throw him outside, away, on the first snow-fall...
There's nothing that could fullfill my happiness faster and stronger than the feeling of a huge snowflake melting on my nose... the first snow-fall of the year...
That's right... if you seen a guy lost on the streets on the 26th of November... smiling, with his eyes shining... it was me...
Yup, alone again, just me and myself, covered with snowlakes, with no one to share this feeling with, no one that could care about it... but I got used to...
Some other things that can make me happy? Uh, right, I forgot about that website! :)
[have to update it, who knows... but I know that what I really want can't be posted there... :) ...nevermind! :))]
A big Christmas Tree globe! Yup, that will surely do it! :)
[...but be sure to choose the shiniest one, the one with that shiny spark within... :)]
Okay, okay, I'm so hard to please! :))
Wanna know how you can turn me down? Make me fall down to the ground?
That's very easy! Maybe easier than you'd think... break my wings, my dreams! ...yup, that's it! Easy, huh?
A couple of weeks to make plans for, a full week of sleep-less nights to develop the surprise, and a second to destroy it all...
Being it the last day, hurry up to get there, to make the last minute preparations, to assure that everything will run smooth... hours melting on my clock, minutes and seconds passing by... to midnight.
...and suddenly, from one second to the other, on the background you hear... "I already know about it!" ...and your first thought is "maybe I'm too tired because of those d*mn sleep-less nights and I'm hearing things", but you hear it again, and again, for 3 to 4 times... and then you realise it! ...your heart beats faster and faster, feel the adrenaline running through your veins, and everything you done... collapse. Remember that shield I was hiding behind? Hmmm... where I left it?
Yeah, trying to ignore is not the way I have to deal it...  but f*ck it! Life goes on, huh? :)
It should've been a surprise so... at least please wait 'till the midnight, and after... nevermind...
There were so many times in my life when I knew about surprises, but I sat in my bench, pretending that I know nothing and... everyone was happy in the end...
That shaking was not faking, it was the child within merrying... :))
[d*mn! ...these words... :))]
Okay, throw all of these away because... life is beautiful! :)
...and it's first of December! It's the month of joy, happyness, s*x, dr*gs and rock'n roll! :))
...okay, not really all of them... really? :))
Maybe it's the music I listen to now... \:D/ :))
I know I made some promises a month ago, but... maybe I'll find you there...
I don't really know what I'd say, what I'd do, but I know that who you'll find will be an untouched ISO of me :))
Okay, okay, got some patches because I had to! :))
Three weeks of work-home-work-home-work-work-work-home are gone, but... there's one more and I'm done! :)
Seriously, I'm tired of being stuck on repeat...
Be there to save me, to take my hand, to get me outside, to play with in the white snow ocean, warm me up, cuddle and feed... [yeah, you read right, feed! :))]
Can't hardly w8 for this week to pass...
I just need a couple of weeks to recharge my batteries, a dozen kilos of oranges [love their taste and most of all, their smell], an apple-spiced room refreshner can and... and...
Today was nice, funny and... special :D
Once again I realised how small the world is...
Wondering why it was funny?
"Daddy, my butt hurts!" ...made my day! :))
"Oh daddy, I wanna see them, but my butt hurts so much!" :))
Like every year, there has to be at least one funny, very funny kid! :))
Loved the sweets and loved the evening... I finally gone up to admire the view... 8->
Bottom line? It's the season to be jolly! It's winter, it's my season! :X

Wish you a wonderful night! ...cuz' starting today, the Magic is on FM, on Santa Claus' Radio! :)


marți, 26 noiembrie 2013


Afara ninge linistit... eu pe langa-n hanorac :))

miercuri, 13 noiembrie 2013


Ma intreb in fiecare zi...

luni, 11 noiembrie 2013


Nothing lasts forever... era o zicala...
Intr-adevar, asa este... fie ea o bombonica dulce, o pizza sau, de ce nu, chiar o relatie...
Oricat te-ai stradui, la un moment dat tot trebuie sa mai dai un reset :D
Dar tot "raul" spre bine, nu? :)
Bine, bine, dar... daca nu merge din prima, mai baga o fisa si poate ii dai de cap pana la urma :)
Era o chestie, ma caracteriza pe vremuri... toate deciziile trebuie gandite bine inainte de a le adopta, iar avansarea trebuie facuta cu pasi mici, dar siguri... [dar ce faci daca uneori trebuie sa grabesti putin lucrurile? ;))]
Ehhh... de doua saptamani tot incercam sa ne sincronizam, iar ultima a fost un adevarat... ei bine, trebuie un reset! :))
Acum, totul e roz. ...momentan! :))
Ramane sa vedem urmatoarele zile, saptamani, luni, si, de ce nu, ani :)

The week-end is already gone [judecand dupa 00:00 din partea dreapta a display-ului] and I'm already tired :))
Cica lumea se odihneste in week-end-uri... eu nu prea am timp de asta :))
Trezirea la ora 08:00 din cauza gandurilor nebune si culcatul la ora 01:00 din cauza cititului... [cica daca termini studiile scapi de invatat! ...s-o crezi tu! :))]
Omul cat traieste-nvatza! ...daca nu traieste mult! :))

So... ce-am realizat in week-end-ul asta? Ne-am jucat cu "plastelina" si cu "lipiciul" si am invelit doua zambetzele mici ca de... vine frigutzu' :)

Ce-o sa facem saptamana viitoare? Adica asta? Daca tot ne jucam, eu zic sa facem si un pic de "lucru manual" [mi se pare mie sau suna ciudat? :))] si sa mai coloram putin atmosfera [oops, alb-ul e non-culoare, nu? :"> ...dar nu-i nimic, ma descurc eu sa inveselesc putin atmosfera :D]

Acestea fiind spuse, ma intorc la [DIVINUL] Pulpy, mai nou de gref si la fursecurile ciocolatzite :X

Sleep time? Mai stau putin... ramai in telefon! :) [miss them]


sâmbătă, 9 noiembrie 2013


Haha, de o saptamana ma tot chinui sa mai astern ceva "memories" aici, doar ca... cine vine seara obosit, dar gata sa... se culce? :))
Ziceam in posturile trecute si azi la telefon, daps, m-am implicat in ceva proiecte asa ca timpul meu e din ce in ce mai "scump la vedere"...
De cand am ramas fara clepsidra, fiecare graunte de nisip cauta sa umple golul...
8 noiembrie today, huh? La multi ani Mihailor [Mihaaaaaaaaai! :))], Mihaelelor, Gabrielilor si Gabitzelor [Kittyyyyyyy! :))]
Wow, noiembrie deja? Inca putin si trece si toamna... Toamna? Acopera-mi inima cu ceva, erau niste versuri, dar... no blanket can suit me now, asa ca [m-]am racit de tot... [sau aproape?]
Las' ca mai e putin si vine Moshu'... neee, sunt doar eu cu hanorac rosu! :))
...good party, doar ca.. nu cred ca exista costume destul de bune ca sa poata masca prostia din capetele goale ale unora... d*mn stup*d c*ck blocker! Nici macar nu merita apelativul asta pt ca o fac din prostie, nu pt ca asta vor! :))
Tocmai mi-am amintit ceva, "player"! :))
Dar hey, for the sake of good ol' times, let's get fun tonight, huh? :) fost! Si va mai fi, ca de n-ar fi nu s-ar mai povesti! :))
Live the present, because the future memories are already past.
Ora 4 juma' prin AFI, goana dupa... ciocolata si o dimineata plina de miscare... mai miscam si noi un pic kilometrajul ala imbatranit :)
Si ce daca ziua aia am fost leguma? Si singur pe deasupra? Si am bagat si ore suplimentare? Macar am avut ce povesti mai departe :)
...macar asa am putut sa redesenez un mic zambet pe buzele cuiva drag... "nu ma mai face sa rad ca doare!"... se auzea la celalalt capat al firului... stiu ca eu sunt neglijent de fel cu mine, dar cand iti spun tie sa lasi Cola ca nu-ti face bine nu intelegi... daca tot am inceput... lasa si tigarile! :))
Praful de stele e frumos, dar... pietrele la rinichi sunt altceva... trust me...
Cred ca dac-ar fi sa fac un top legat de chestiile pe care le urasc cel mai mult, tigarile ar fi in top 3... dar ce te faci atunci cand un loc din top 3 preferate fumeaza? Ne adaptam, huh? :))
"Depinde!"... e raspunsul corect! La un moment dat, te saturi sa tot cauti sa te adaptezi...
Dar gata cu fumatul, ne intoarcem la Cola! Ahhh... Cola! 8->
Oare pot sa-i spun "Cola"? :))
"Vrei sa-ti dau un sfat? Cola nu face bine!"... wtf, atunci aveam dreptate! ...Cola! :))
Never, but never-ever ask about Coca... Cola, not Ina, not Coca, just Cola! :))
[daca nu au cock poti sa le numesti cock blockers? :)) mama ei de deviza "daca eu nu, atunci nici tu"... si crezi ca daca are o varsta e mai matur/a ...not! :))]
Da, foarte tare... melodii candva demult soptite, [cu glasul meu mirific de afon :))] au fost reinviate, recantate, dar de data asta... pe un alt fundal... d*mn, you suck! :)) Mai bine luam eu mike-u'! :))
So... concert zilele urmatoare, mergi? :)
Cat de departe? Cat de departe poti sa mergi? :)
Nevermind... hai sa ne mai asezam putin... tu da, eu nu... inca nu a venit momentul meu sa ma asez...
Bottomline... o duminica de "puf" :)
...deschiderea pentru o saptamana plina, terminata acum 6 ore si un pic... trecute peste.
Prolongued work shifts, "after party" duties and just a couple of hours "spent" on sleeping...
Sarim peste negativismul asta pt ca nu face bine si ne intoarcem la... la ce sa ne mai intoarcem?
Aaaaa, la ziua de ieri... marcanta intru totu' :|
E foarte dureros sa pierzi pe cineva drag, cu totii stim asta, mai mult sau mai putin...
"Unde suntem aici, la inmormantare?!"... se auzea pe fundal...
Save the day, huh? "Doamna, daca plangeti nu rezolvati nimic, ganditi-va ca e intr-un loc mai bun acum..." dintr-o data, perechi multe de ochi te "tintesc", aceleasi fete care mai devreme aclamau...
"Tu ai idee ce dureros e sa pierzi pe cineva? Nu o intelegi!"
...ori sunt eu nebun, ori traiesc un vis? Nu chiar, asta e realitatea! ...E incredibil cat de parsiva si perversa este lumea... vox populi...
Asta e o lectie ce trebuie tinuta minte...
Si ca tot am adus vorba de "calitati" ale homo sapiens sapiens... urasc laudarosii! ...sau mai bine sa zic mincinosii? :)
"Pfff, cat a durat sa terminam treaba aia ieri, 20 de minute maxim! Nu am dreptate?" ...prietenash, mazga, pateu' si coptura de le-ai mancat ieri cred ca erau stricate ca ai cam pierdut notiunea timpului, dar bine rau! ...oh, asta era cumva un act de pupinc*rism? Scuze, nu m-am prins la timp! Oare?

Ce-am invatat in ultimele saptamani? You have to live a beautiful lie to have a wonderful life...

Uh, almost midnight! Let me count my stars cuz' restless is my middle-name for now...


P.S.: Again, un calduros LMA, gluten-free! :) poate ca intr-un viitor nu prea departat o sa putem imparti o salata de la "G-time"... just keep me in sync! ;)

duminică, 27 octombrie 2013


Have you ever felt that days are passing by and you're stuck on the same song, playing over and over again?
Well... Days are passing by and all the leaves are changing too, if I have to use a quote...
Today I was told that my life is going nowhere, because I'm too afraid of changes... am I?
A couple of months ago I heard that I'm too... that I care too much...
Last week told me that you don't need to wear a seat-belt when I'm driving...
Sorry, but I just like to play safe... Is there something wrong with me?
I like to take risks, but... only when they're related to no one but me...

It's nice to be involved in many projects as they're keeping you connected, but... there's so little time left for yourself...
Do you know that scary feeling of growing old and alone? Well... I'm experiencing it right now, haha! :)
Why? Because when I call you, you're too busy to share a six-pack, even you're doing nothing important...
But I sit for a moment and think... it's me I'm talking about? Because this story sounds so familiar...
Sorry, but even that looks so unimportant for you, it's important for me and for... you! Funny, huh? :)
It is important for you also, but you just haven't thought about it yet! ;)

Speaking of funny things... don't mess with me when I'm eating or else... :))
When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better, huh? :))
Muhaha, the mean side of myself! >:) :))
Come to the light side, we got cookies! ...gluten free! :> :))

Cookies... too many cookies lately! :(
Gotta get fit! B-)

Okay, two to midnight... tic-tac!
[two minutes later...] Midnight! :))
Let's all spring forward and fall back! :)

So... over two months there will be Christmas, huh? Yeah, this year passed so fast...
I wish so many things for Christmas! ...but I don't know if I'll get'em...
Ehhh... at least hope all of my [good] dreams will come true, at a certain time...

What goes around, comes around! So, how it's like to get a busy tone? :)
Think... rewind or [re]play? I just like to play... :)


Dreaming... zZzzZZZzzZZZZ!